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30/01/2009 KOTAI
  • New test version 0.26F to play new stage MegaBosses1

Version 0.26F (only update for 0.26A or latter)

  • New original Stage: MegaBosses. Fights against ten bosses
author: Kotai
create: 30/01/2009
update: 11/02/2010
version: 2
level: 1
hi score: 404300
hi author: ailste
downloads: 1774

  • I add 2 videos of new original stage MegaBosses1:

29/01/2009 KOTAI
  • CyberMSX update languaje portugues

Portugues languaje update

21/01/2009 KOTAI
  • New version of the app KotaiUpdates in which now we can indicate those who are our friends in order that it warns us when they play online. Also it warns us when there new HiScore or new stage record.

KotaiUpdates V0.90

19/01/2009 KOTAI
  • jfsiaba translate game to portugues

Portugues languaje by jfsiaba

17/01/2009 KOTAI
  • I make a app for alert you of web updates, or reply tagboard or online games created


04/01/2009 KOTAI
  • Blueriver translate game to korean

Korean languje by Blueriver

03/01/2009 KOTAI
  • I have created new videoes of youtube with a 5 players online, but I committed the failure of raising the priority to the game and the program that it records did not have sufficient CPU and the videoes are seen to blows, for alone what I am going to put one here. The one who wants to see the rest of videoes they are in youtube:

02/01/2009 KOTAI
  • Update to version 0.26B to fix bug with corean windows, improve the precision of movement and add inverse controls for PS2 joystics compatibility. I update 3 stages for compatibility with corean Windows

Version 0.26C (only update for 0.25A or later)


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4 ICB 11513100
5 dream89 11088000

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1 fish 588  (30%)
2 Arilou 516  (30%)
3 AlexR 441  (35%)
4 Kh2playa 436  (32%)
5 Tetran 354  (41%)

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Reminisce dream89
Nemesis 3-10 MSX dream89
Infected Void dream89
Bonus Stage 1 peterdao

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